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    Working Papers is a journal edited by the National Institute for Economic Research of Romanian Academy since 2009. It is an annual publication seeking to disseminate theoretical and applicative economic research conducted within the Romanian Academy, but any external contribution is welcome.
    Being an online serial of working papers, the studies are assessed and discussed by research institutes and may be refined following the comments or suggestions made by the scientific community.
    Public research seeks to develop economic research and clarify present economic phenomena. Therefore, the results are destined both to the academic community – researchers, professors and students – and the decision makers. We focus on the importance of the scientific contributions as well as on the accuracy of concepts, methods and conclusions.


     Working Papers of National Institute for Economic Research covers a wide range of economic fields related to the real economy and the nominal economy, including multidisciplinary approaches.The main topics refer to the European integration and the EU member states’ convergence, competitiveness and economic efficiency, equilibrium and macroeconomic correlation, the knowledge-based society, the assessment of financial-monetary developments, the problem of financial and economic instability, methodological issues of research.

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